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Hari ini gue masih di Makassar (dari kemaren, 27Apr sampai lusa, 30Apr), sekarang ini berusaha membunuh waktu dengan main internet. Cek semua email account udah (dari yang kerjaan, personal, sampai yg khusus mailing list). Main Facebook udah. Baca google reader udah. Ngapain lagi ya?? A haa.. gue inget, bahwa gue daftar ke www.seminarseumurhidup.com (bayar tapi murah kok.. hehe sekalian bantu promosi). So daripada bengong, tadi browsing bahan2 PDF tentang managerial skill. Ada 3 topik yang gue buka sekaligus, tapi topik ringan mengenai List berikut ini yang menarik untuk dimasukin di blog: The Do’s and Don’ts When Using Lists:*

  1. Do use lists, don’t try to remember everything Forget it! You can’t remember everything that you have to do! You are sure to forget something, and in this world of inter-dependency, forgetting something could spell the end of the world! Even forgetting to wake up on time could have very serious consequences! So, give your memory a break and pour everything that you have to do onto a list!
  2. Use the list! It’s not use just writing things onto the list. You have to read the list! Some friends I know have lists, but can’t remember where they put them. So write the things that you have to do on a piece of paper, and carry that piece of paper in your pocket. Read it many times a day so that you are constantly reminded of the things that you have to do.
  3. Organize Your List! You may have several list; One list for office related, one list for home related, one for the kids, one for personal items, another for personal development, another just for ideas that come to your head once in a while….Whatever lists that you have, you must keep them organized. I know another friend, whom, every time he has to refer to something that he has written down, he has to remove a whole bunch of paper from his pocket. He writes things on any crap of paper he can find; parking ticket, on the back of someone else name card, a piece of paper torn from the edge of a newspaper… a whole garbage bin of papers is in his pocket. Occasionally, by the time he has sorted through the papers, he has forgotten what he was look for!
  4. Update Your List! Cross off tasks that have been complete. Cancel off tasks that have become outdated by events, once a week, transfer your list of undone tasks to a fresh piece of paper this simple exercise will help you to sort you list and also re-organize your thoughts.
  5. No, It’s Not A Waste of Your Time My friend argues that the reason that he does not use lists is that it takes more time to write the list than to do the tasks. Instead of wasting time to write the list, he would rather just do it. Lists can be done in 2 ways: – Set aside some free time, go somewhere quite with little distraction, and start writing down all the things that you have to do. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and long your list will grow! – Anytime you have something that you have to do, write it down on your list. In this way, your list grows as you move along. Tasks that you have completed, just cross them from the list.
  6. Make it a Habit! Like everything else, making and using a list requires practice. After you’ve learnt to use lists for about one month, you’ll enjoy its convenience and really appreciate how helpful lists are
  7. Use An Automated List How would you like to have a list that does all these automatically for you? – Automatically transfers any “Things To Do Today” that you have not done today into the “Things To Do Tomorrow” list – You can within 1 second sort your “To Do” list by, name by start date, by completion date, by priorities, etc. – For routine things (such as paying annual insurance premiums, vehicle tax, monthly rental payments, rental collections, children’s school & tuition fees, etc), you only need to enter the item once, and it will automatically be repeated on the same day for all subsequent months/years – The list is even able to ring an alarm to remind you that certain things have to be done.

Incredible? Too good to be true? I’m using such a list now. It’s called the electronic personal organizer, or a personal digital assistant (PDA). In fact, it’s my PDA alarm that rang a few minutes a go to remind me to write this article. Please, give your memory a break. Welcome to the world of lists! * Ditulis oleh James Gwee untuk www.seminarseumurhidup.com

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