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mooyWhat matters most in public education is the nurturing of capability, integrity, and wisdom. These traits come from good education which includes character building.

Good education is not mere schooling. It is a rich domain stretching from family to worship places, and society at large. Everybody can be everybody’s teacher but not everybody can be a good educator; because education must have a clear vision and purpose.

Every generation is the educator for the next. Every public figure is an educator for society. Every parent is an educator for their children. And sometimes even parents have to learn from their children many things they don’t know. Likewise, every national leader is an educator for his nation, and sometimes s/he has to learn many things from the people s/he leads.

Our education system has so far focused only on cognitive area and has neglected the need to develop other potentials and needs. Education must be holistic; it cannot be segmented, partial, or mono-directional. Holistic education leads to total human transformation and this is what we need today.

Everywhere in the world, education seems to be tailored only for satisfying segmented needs in line with industrial and market segmentations. Robotic attitude comes from this direction. People behave like robots; living only for work, materialism, and naturalism while lacking social sensitivity, solidarity, and clear conscience; ignoring the fact that every humah being is born for a purpose, a calling.

Such is the result of narrowly-defined education and that is not what Indonesia needs today. We need a kind of education that will re-establish the learners’ roles and humanize human beings to the extent that everybody is aware of his or her potential, function, and calling.

We need a kind of education that will lead to learners glorifying God as the supreme source of knowledge and wisdom.

What we need is holistic, total transformative education and not just mere schooling to produce smart brains with unbalanced personality. And given that it is holistic, education mast be seen as a domain for everybody to assume some responsibility.

Dikutip dari majalah CampusAsia vol.2 no.8 Feb 2009, Editor’s Note p.12. Ditulis oleh Prof. Dr. Adrianus Mooy

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