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Jeff Dunham: Do you have drinking problems?
Bubba J: No, I have pretty much got it figured out
JD: What’s your favorite beer?
BJ: An open one
JD: How do you know when you had too much?
BJ: I run out
JD: Have you been to an AA meeting?
BJ: AA is for quitters

JD: Bubba J, are you married?
BJ: Yup
JD: Your wife pretty?
BJ: Yea.. Nooo
JD: What’s the difference?
BJ: The light
JD: Where did you meet your wife?
BJ: At the family reunion..

Jeff Dunham: I’m happy to call you my “new manager”
Sweet Daddy Dee: I like to be called a Player In the Management Profession
JD: Right
JD: You’re the pimp?
SDD: That makes you the ho
JD: I’m not a whore
SDD: What you do for a livin’?
JD: Make people laugh
SDD: Make them feel good
JD: Right
SDD: You’re the ho
JD: That’s not right
SDD: Why did you do what you do?
JD: Because I enjoyed it and that’s the best way I know to make money
SDD: You’re the ho
JD: Wait a minute. What if I said I do it ONLY because I enjoyed it?
SDD: You’re the dumb ho

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